A metal band took over a Wendy's with a strange performance: VIDEO

For patrons at a Wendy's in Washington, the drive-thru experience was much louder than usual.

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Vella La Vella

For fast food patrons who stopped by a Washington-based Wendy's , the drive-thru experience was anything but ordinary, and much louder than usual.

Metal band Vella La Vella gave customers more than they bargained for by performing an impromptu metal concert in front of the drive-thru menu in a video that has been viewed more than 900,000 times.


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The clip shows the band's drummer in the trunk of a convertible with the band's logo on it, while speakers and other gear are placed in another car behind it.

"This is our Wendy's, nobody else's, this is ours," the drummer shouts before starting the song.

The band sways as the car blocks the drive-thru and faces the opposite direction of the flow of traffic as Wendy's staff members step out to stand behind the band and film.

Users in the comment section found the act to be hysterical, while many joked about how angry they would be if they came to Wendy's eager food.

"Imagine being hungry, then this happens," wrote user Cody Tarantino.

"So that's why my Uber Eats hasn't arrived," joked another.

This isn't the first instance the band has decided to set up shop in public - their TikTok also shows them setting up a surprise performance in front of the Target and McDonald's parking lot.

Wendy's has yet to respond to the now-viral video on social media, though the band has started a chain of "Wendy's tag" on its page, which has more than 560 tags.

Vella La Vella is based in Spokane, Washington.

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