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Be Authentic This Women's Month

A new conference, Illumi.Nation aims to inspire and motivate South Africa's women.
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50 Female Tech Entrepreneurs Graduate From Future Females Business School

This programme was for any South African female entrepreneur with an idea or early-stage business, ready to upskill and utilise technology to bring their businesses to life.
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The SA Innovation Summit Is Set To Accelerate Entrepreneurship

The biggest African gathering of entrepreneurs and innovation thought leaders comes to Cape Town.
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Chatbots – Revolutionising Telcos' Contact Centres And Driving A Better Customer Experience

The local contact centre industry is thriving and has seen substantial growth over the last four years, as South Africa became an enticing destination for offshore business.
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Why CEOs Need To Lead By Example

Without proper leadership, it would be impossible for an organisation to build and nurture its reputation.
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SA's Small Businesses Need A Big Break: How Enterprise Development Needs A "Small" Rethink

Small businesses could flourish if big business brought them into their supply chain, here's how.
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Artificial Intelligence Is Filling The Gaps In Developing Africa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings the promise of increased productivity and economic development. But the benefits of AI are not guaranteed to uplift all communities equally.
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eBook Highlighting Key global SAP Solutions Launched

Global ICT company, T-Systems International has released the latest version of its SAP® solutions use cases from various countries around the world.
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SA's Tech Start-up Ecosystem Gets a R130 Million Venture Capital Boost

With South Africa experiencing the largest quarterly drop in GDP in a decade, it is now critical for the country to become an active global participant in the knowledge economy.
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Finalists Announced For SA's Premier Entrepreneurial Competition

Increased number of entries for this year's Entrepreneur of the Year® awards bodes well for the country's under-performing economy.
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Nando's Calls On Local Designers To Put Their Best Pitch Forward

Clout is a developmental design programme fired up by Nando's and looking for new and innovative designers.

How Digitising Your Fleet Management Can Save Your Business Both Time and Money

Digitisation and automation play a pivotal role in running an efficient fleet. Both strategies can alleviate the challenges often encountered in fleet management. Here's how you can boost business profitability and efficiencies using telematics.
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SA Entrepreneurs Must Consider These Things Before Emigrating

There's a fine line between South African entrepreneurs emigrating to start a new life with the aim of expanding their businesses internationally; and those who end up taking an expensive holiday.
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Millennials: A Generation Seeking More

Deloitte research reveals a 'generation disrupted.' Growing up in a world of accelerated transformation leaves millennials and Gen Z's feeling unsettled about the future.
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How To Bring An International Brand To South Africa

LEGO has always been available in South Africa, but now three entrepreneurs have secured the local license for this incredible brand.