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Franchise Name Learn More

Caribbean Mystique Spa

Learn more: Caribbean Mystique Spa

Caring for People Services Inc.

Learn more: Caring for People Services Inc.

Caring Matters Home Care

Learn more: Caring Matters Home Care

Caring Senior Service

Learn more: Caring Senior Service


Learn more: Cereset

Charter Fitness

Learn more: Charter Fitness

Chefs For Seniors

Learn more: Chefs For Seniors

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise Systems

Learn more: Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise Systems

Chill Cryosauna

Learn more: Chill Cryosauna

Cimaje Studios

Learn more: Cimaje Studios
Franchise Name Learn More

City Cave

Learn more: City Cave

City Sweats

Learn more: City Sweats

Cityrow Franchise LLC

Learn more: Cityrow Franchise LLC

CKO Kickboxing

Learn more: CKO Kickboxing

Clean Your Dirty Face

Learn more: Clean Your Dirty Face

Clovr Life Spa

Learn more: Clovr Life Spa

Club Metro USA Franchising

Learn more: Club Metro USA Franchising


Learn more: clubDetox

Comfort Keepers

Learn more: Comfort Keepers

Compassionate Beauty

Learn more: Compassionate Beauty

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Franchise Name Learn More

Compassionate Helpers

Learn more: Compassionate Helpers

Cool Cuts 4 Kids

Learn more: Cool Cuts 4 Kids

Core Capacity Transformations

Learn more: Core Capacity Transformations

Core Progression Elite Personal Training

Learn more: Core Progression Elite Personal Training

Cost Cutters Family Hair Care

Learn more: Cost Cutters Family Hair Care

The Covery Wellness Spa

Learn more: The Covery Wellness Spa

Cryo Sculpting Lab

Learn more: Cryo Sculpting Lab


Learn more: CryoNow

CutFinity Franchising LLC

Learn more: CutFinity Franchising LLC

Diesel Barbershop

Learn more: Diesel Barbershop
Franchise Name Learn More


Learn more: eHomecare

Elder-Well Adult Day Program

Learn more: Elder-Well Adult Day Program

Elements Massage

Learn more: Elements Massage

EnVie Fitness

Learn more: EnVie Fitness

Epic Hybrid Training

Learn more: Epic Hybrid Training


Learn more: EverybodyFights

Evolution MD

Learn more: Evolution MD

Evolve Human Optimization Labs

Learn more: Evolve Human Optimization Labs

Executive Home Care

Learn more: Executive Home Care

Eye Tactics Lash Lift Studio

Learn more: Eye Tactics Lash Lift Studio
Franchise Name Learn More

Face. Brow & Beauty Bar

Learn more: Face. Brow & Beauty Bar

Face Foundrie

Learn more: Face Foundrie

Facial Mania Med Spa

Learn more: Facial Mania Med Spa

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color

Learn more: Fantastic Sams Cut & Color

First Choice Haircutters

Learn more: First Choice Haircutters

Fit Body Boot Camp

Learn more: Fit Body Boot Camp

Fitness Together

Learn more: Fitness Together

FitPro Franchising

Learn more: FitPro Franchising


Learn more: Fitwall

Flirty Girl Lash Studio

Learn more: Flirty Girl Lash Studio