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The Navy Top Gun Veteran Who Sold His Car and House to Launch His Dream Business

Navy Top Gun veteran Rob Ceravolo takes us on the ride into the danger zone that is starting your own business.


Rob Ceravolo

On this week's episode of Get a Real Job, I chat with Navy Top Gun veteran Rob Ceravolo, who is the founder and CEO of Tropic Ocean Airways. Quite a lot has changed in the business world since we spoke back in December, but one thing is for certain: this man is comfortable with risk.

After serving as a Navy fighter pilot, Ceravolo sold his house, boat, motorcycle and Porsche to launch his dream business. We talk about how he literally got his amphibious airline company off the ground (well, off the water), the humanitarian efforts at the core of his company's culture, and of course, if Top Gun instructors are really that good at volleyball. Thanks as always for listening!

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