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Investors Could Make More Money — and Fuel the Economy — By Pouring Into This Key Industry When it comes to accessing capital, freelancers and solopreneurs face several hurdles. By understanding their total value, investors and independent contractors can both thrive.

By Andre Lee Edited by Kara McIntyre

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It's no secret: When it comes to financial solutions to grow their businesses, solopreneurs and freelancers are limited; their income is volatile. Without financial capital, their income cannot grow beyond those constraints. One sustained period in the red can cause a lot of financial distress. Excessive, prolonged stress can result in decreased quality of life, mental health disorders, depression and disease.

Access to capital could stabilize finances during these periods and mitigate this stress while supporting a growing class of workers — over 20 million people full-time. Financial products designed explicitly for solopreneurs and freelancers would help launch more successful opportunities.

But currently, products like that don't exist. Investors don't typically consider freelancers and solopreneurs an investable asset. All of that value is trapped.

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