Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Millionaire?

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1. Are you young?
A. Yes (5)
B. No (-100)
C. No, but I'm spry! (-50)

2. Are you currently or have you ever been worth $1 million?
A. No (0)
B. Yes (100)

3. How amped are you right now?
A. Not all that amped. You? (-5)
B. Totally (3)
C. TO-tally (-5)

4. Do you currently make more than $75,000 a year and save at least 15 percent each month?
A. Yes (10)
B. No (0)

5. 401(k)?
A. Yes (5)
B. No (-5)

6. Quick, here's an asset!
A. Buy it! (2)
B. Appreciate it! (2)
C. Protect it! (2)
D. Do all three! (10)

7. When you hear the term "hedge fund" you think:
A. A little set aside for landscaping (-5)
B. A speculative investing portfolio involving high and a very large initial investment (1)

8. Which word best describes this photo?

A. Mountains (0)
B. Sunset (0)
C. Success (4)

9. While growing up, you had a favorite:
A. Stuffed animal (0)
B. Horse (10)

10. Which activity do you most enjoy?
A. Hemming (-5)
B. Hawing (-5)
C. None of the above (0)

11. Which of the following stocks have you purchased in the last five years?
A. Priceline.com (50)
B. Apple (40)
C. (?!)
D. Other (0)

12. Which set of zeros seems most appealing?
A. 00 (0)
B. 000 (0)
C. 0000 (0)
D. 00000 (0)
E. 000000 (10)

13. Who's your favorite notable American?

14. Which of the following virtues do you possess?
A. Hunger (2)
B. Drive (2)
C. Prudence (2)
D. Patience (2)

15. Did the last question make you think about going to ?
A. Yes (-3)
B. No (1)

16. What comes to mind when you think back on your college experience?
A. Ivy (10)
B. Other green plant (-10)

17. Choose a boat:

18. Choose a boat name:
A. Knot Paid IV (-1)
B. Aquaholic (-1)
C. Lamberdinghy (-1)
D. Feelin' Nauti (-1)
E. Wake Me When It's Over (-1)
F. Sea-E-O (5)

19. Which of these two self-help books seems most up your alley?
A. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker (8)
B. The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living by Mark Boyle (-2)

20. In your professional life, do you go by your first initial and your middle and last names?
A. Yes (5)
B. No (0)

21. Might you be T. Harv Eker?
A. Yes (20)
B. No (0)

22. You consider an empty storefront to be:
A. Urban blight (0)
B. A thing of beauty (2)

23. You consider the walk-in freezer in that empty storefront to be:
A. A metaphor for a cold world (0)
B. One less thing you have to purchase to get a restaurant off the ground (4)

24. Describe this glass:

A. Half empty (-5)
B. Half full (5)
C. Hello? Coaster?! (-10)

25. Building wealth is most like …
A. Climbing a mountain (2)
B. Rowing a river (-2)
C. Thinking about climbing a mountain or rowing a river--while lying in a hammock (-5)

26. What are you most likely to do with this pile of cash?
A. Invest it. (4)
B. Spend it. (-1)
C. Sit atop it and giggle. (-3)
D. Ignite it to provide light and warmth. (-10)

27. Here's what I need you to do. I need you to take this briefcase. Then I need you to get a flight from JFK to Belgium and meet up with a guy named Janssens. Give him the briefcase. Then lie low for a little while. And don't ask any questions. When you get back, I'll give you $1 million. Also, Janssens can be a little prickly.
A. No. (0)
B. Newark is slightly more convenient for me, especially on weekends. (-20)
C. Done. (30)

Less than 0 points: "Hundredaire" is not really a thing.
1 to 50 points: That's hunger, drive, prudence and patience. And maybe a little fear.
51 to 100 points: One word: biotech.
More than 100 points: You did not need to take this quiz.

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