From 'Phablet' to 'Selfie,' 12 New Tech Buzzwords Entrepreneurs Should Know

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Not sure if you should be working or "twerking"? (Hint: working, definitely working.) Should you be planning a "babymoon" or getting a "fauxhawk"?

The Oxford Dictionaries Online wants to help. It has added definitions for 65 new buzzwords and phrases to its official lexicon.

Of the new buzzwords, nearly 20 percent are related to technology. In the fast-paced world of tech, the last thing you want to do is fall behind on the latest terminology.

Here's a look at the 12 tech buzzwords on the list, in no particular order, and what they mean:

1. phablet
It's a smartphone. No, it's a tablet. Wait, it's a smartphone that's so large it looks like a tablet.

2. emoji
Know all those annoying, overly emotional animated faces your friends text and message in their communications to you? Those are emoji.

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3. digital detox
This is something most of us want but can usually never achieve. A digital detox is the act of unplugging from electronic devices like computers and smartphones for a period of time. Can you enjoy a vacation without checking your email?

4. selfie
You've probably seen people on the street, holding up their smartphones while fixing their hair and adjusting their clothes. These people aren't necessarily crazy. They're taking pictures of themselves to text to friends or plaster over their social networks. These are selfies. Now you know.

5. click and collect
According to the Oxford definition, this one is a British term that refers to the ability for online shoppers to buy or order products from a store’s website and collect them from a physical store nearby.

6. unlike
You've already "liked" this article on Facebook, right? Unliking is when you withdraw a previously given like on a webpage or social-media site.

We hadn't heard of this one before. It refers to massive open online course -- a class attended online that's made available for free to a large number of people.

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8. bitcoin
You've probably heard about these recently, though perhaps you're not sure what they are. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that's traded between individuals. Transaction are said to be secured using what's called public key cryptography encryption, a two-part encryption process. Got it?

9. hackerspace
As it sounds, this refers to a space where tech geeks and hackers can gather to work on projects while sharing equipment, ideas and other resources.

10. internet of things
Some think this phrase has already "jumped the shark," to steal from another one-time popular buzz-phrase. But it refers to the process by which everyday items -- such as home appliances or watches -- are being updated so that they are connected to the internet.

11. BYOD
Are you reading this article on your personal iPhone? Do you also use said iPhone for work duties, such as checking email and filing reports? If so, you fall into the "bring your own device" movement, meaning you or your company prefers you to use a personal device rather than one supplied to you by your employer.

12. space tourism
Yep, this is a thing now. With companies like Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk's SpaceX beginning to take off, "space tourism" refers to travelling into space for recreational purposes. Some day. You'll see.

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