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The 5 Fail-Proof Steps for Planning Your Day

This story originally appeared on Salesforce

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and myself all have one thing in common. We each have the same amount of time: 24 hours each day to use as we see fit.

Last I checked, both Bill and Warren were considerably more successful than me. Sure, they have resources I don't have, but let's put those aside and look at what we do have in common.

Below are five fail-proof steps anyone can take to help plan their day and accomplish more.

1. Remember that tomorrow begins today.

Top performers never allow the day to end without building out their list of objectives they intend to accomplish the next day. This is by far the easiest task you can do to improve your performance.

By taking the time to assess what you're going to accomplish tomorrow, you'll find yourself making better decisions. If you wait until the morning to plan, you likely will be hit with things that will suck up your time and sabotage your ability to truly plan. "Tomorrow begins today" is a better approach to planning.

2. Plan your day around accomplishing your major outcomes rather than tasks that keep you busy.

This is one key reason why it's important to always have your quarterly, annual and long-term goals in front of you. Each day your objective is to move one step close to accomplishing one or more of your goals.

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3. Allocate time to spend with other high-performing people.

We become who we associate with. The best way to gain insights is to associate with others who can give you those insights. Don't allow your day to be consumed by people whom you can't benefit from. More than anything else, this one activity can and will have a substantial impact on your long-term success.

4. Build into your plan a goal you know you will be able to accomplish early in the day.

Accomplishing a goal early in the day will motivate you and give you momentum. It's always amazing how momentum creates momentum. Yes, we want to be focused on our most important activities first thing in the morning; but within those activities, set something as a goal you know you will be able to accomplish quickly.

5. Ask yourself, "What did I learn today and how will I use it tomorrow?"

High-performing people are always learning. They're always seeking ways to not just learn new things, but also to actually use them. Asking yourself this simple question each day will help you become a continual learner.

These five fail-proof steps work together so powerfully that you will be surprised by the positive impact they have on your outlook and your results. The reality is that we do all have the same amount of time each day. What are you doing with those hours?

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