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Webinar at 2pm ET: How to Build a Strong Culture With a Remote Team


The workplace as we know it isn't the same as it was 50, 10 or even five years ago. Thanks to advancements in technology, the traditional 9-to-5 office job is giving way to a more flexible virtual work environment. Indeed, not only are more workers telecommuting, but among millennials, the largest part of the workforce, 85 percent say they would prefer to telecommute every day.


Of course, with this flexible work environment, issues arise, especially around building camaraderie among a team. Instant messaging in lieu of face-to-face conversations, virtual pow-wows as opposed to daily meetings and trying to read between the lines when leadership sends out memos rather than communicating to the team in an office setting, can present challenges when building a strong, engaging culture. But all is not lost.

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In a webinar on Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. ET, two experts from companies with experience building a culture with virtual teams will provide viewers guidance, advice and tips on how to successfully build a strong community and engaging culture among employees who telecommute.

FlexJobs, a professional job-service platform, and Help Scout, a company providing customer support software, both have teams that work virtually and both made our Top Company Cultures list, a ranking in partnership with CultureIQ®, recognizing businesses that have successfully instilled a high-performance culture in their workplace. 

Moderated by David Shanklin, the head of culture strategy at CultureIQ, panelists include Becca Van Nederynen from Help Scout and Carol Cochran of FlexJobs.

Nederynen is the head of people ops at Help Scout and is obsessed with "crafting a delightful employee experience for remote teams." Cochran is director of people and culture at FlexJobs and has a staff of more than 70 people, all working from home offices across the U.S. She is experienced in recruiting, managing and engaging a 100 percent virtual team.

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During the webinar "How to Build a Strong Culture With a Remote Team," we will address the most common concerns, delve into useful tips and in the end provide a takeaway resource guide for viewers to use at their own companies.

Here is a breakdown of what will be covered:

  • State of the remote workforce
  • People who excel in this type of environment
  • Hiring practices
  • Building a strong remote culture
  • Tools and resources to help your virtual team excel

As mentioned, the webinar will begin at 2:00 pm ET and last for approximately 45 minutes. We will speak on the above topics, along with a Q&A session at the end.

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