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Google Is Up Today, But Experts Still Consider It a 'Sell'

Would you invest four digits into a single share of Alphabet stock?


The Entrepreneur Index™, which follows the top 60 publicly traded companies founded and run by entrepreneurs, fell 0.67 percent on Wednesday. Only 19 of the 60 businesses saw their stocks rise, while another 40 fell (Ford Motor Co. remained even on the day).

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Alphabet Inc. (formerly Google) was one of the few companies who saw its stock rise. The company's Class C stock, GOOG, closed yesterday at 1,036.05, but opened today at 1,050.00.


It gave away some of that momentum today, rising to as much as 1,054.56 before falling and eventually closing the day at 1,043.66. Similarly, Alphabet stock has lost the momentum it enjoyed throughout much of August, when shares traded at over 1,200 points. Now, experts by TradingView consider the stock a sell, with 14 experts recommending to sell, nine remaining neutral and three recommending to buy.


Other stocks that trended upward today included Facebook (1.45 percent), Comcast (1.51 percent) and Tesla, which was the biggest riser on the day (1.56 percent).

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Amazon and Netflix were down 1.97 and 2.61 percent, respectively, while Bed Bath & Beyond had the biggest fall at 3.40 percent.

The Entrepreneur Index™ collects the top 60 publicly traded companies founded and run by entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit is a valuable asset for any business, and this index recognizes its importance, no matter how much a company has grown. These inspirational businesses can be tracked in real time on

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