10 Inspiring Podcasts by Female CEOs for Women Entrepreneurs

Need advice, inspiration, motivation? These women podcasters have plenty of all that to offer.
10 Inspiring Podcasts by Female CEOs for Women Entrepreneurs
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Podcasts have been rapidly growing in popularity as a content and personal branding tool over the last year; and for listeners, they have become a crucial source of valuable information and access to some of the most brilliant minds in business. 

These 10 podcasts by female entrepreneurs are the jumpstart you need to make the next big move in your business. 

1. "Raising the Bar," with Alli Webb and Michael Landau


As the founders of the wildly popular Drybar empire, Alli Webb and Michael Landau bring their audience inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs around the United States who are Raising the Bar on what's possible in their industry. The dynamic between the brother-and-sister hosting pair keeps things fun and light, while still letting listeners hear about the struggles of entrepreneurs who also found their own path to success. If you're looking for a boost of inspiration, Raising the Bar delivers every time.

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Standout episodes: Apron Queen and Lady Mechanics

2. "Swipe Up," with Katherine McDermott

With the continued growth and popularity of influencer marketing, Swipe Up is a leading podcast for women in the influencer space. Both influencers and brand founders can benefit from McDermott's extensive industry knowledge, interviews with public figures and behind-the-scenes secrets about how the billion dollar marketing industry is shifting. If you're looking for practical and informative conversations with leaders in the influencer space, Swipe Up won't disappoint.

Standout episodes: Want to Start a Podcast? and Hotels, Tourism, and Travel PR for Influencers

3. "Inner Boss," with Jen Casey


Entrepreneurship is often an inner game, where our external success is determined by what's going on in our subconscious mind. Social media and sales strategist and NLP practitioner Jen Casey brings her audience a mix of interviews with leading female entrepreneurs and solo episodes designed to help other women thrive. On Inner Boss, Casey merges practical advice with a swift kick in the butt that will help listeners rewire their brain and boost their bottom line.

Standout episodes: The Dangers of Discounting Your Personal Brand and Break Through Unconscious Beliefs

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4. "Chakra Girl Radio," with Amber-Lee Lyons


Describing herself as your "spiritual BFF," with a love of luxury and all things new age spirituality, Amber-Lee Lyons' Chakra Girl Radio features a mix of practical business building tips from skincare mavens like Indie Lee and The Skinny Confidential's Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. Also offered: content about manifestation, astrology and living your best, most abundant life. If you're looking for a soulful approach to success with a side serving of reality TV talk, you'll binge on this podcast.

Standout Episodes: Lazy Girl's Guide to Productivity and The New Age of Wellness

5. "The Type A Creative," with Jenni Brown


For creatives, the balance between creativity and commerce can be a slippery slope. Jenni Brown helps driven makers and doers master their business game without losing their creative soul. The Type A Creative seasonal podcast is jam-packed with helpful advice from leading creatives who have harnessed the power of the internet to build thriving, profitable businesses from their creative work.

Standout episodes: Legal Things You Should Know About Your Art and Being Creative + Managing Creatives

6. "Don't Keep Your Day Job," with Kathy Heller

Kathy Heller's mission is to help her audience find more joy and purpose in their work. After a year of interviewing leading creatives, entrepreneurs and makers, Heller, through her podcast Don't Keep Your Day Job offers a treasure trove of inspiration about following your dreams, even during the difficult moments.

Standout episodes: How to Turn Pain into Purpose and How to Curate a Sweet Candy Empire

7. "The Lavendaire Lifestyle," with Aileen Xu

A complement to her popular lifestyle Youtube channel, Aileen Xu's The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast is aimed at listeners who are looking to create their best lives. A self-proclaimed "Artist of Life," Aileen has created a top-rated podcast that's a boost of inspiration, with thought leaders who are changing lives around the world in the categories of business, spirituality and conscious living. 

Standout episodes: How to Become a Digital Nomad and Building an Online Freelance Business

8. "The Sunny Show," with Sunny Lendarduzzi


Sunny Lenarduzzi is one of the world's leading Youtube marketing experts, having spoken at the U.N .and hosted events on behalf of Google. The Sunny Show is everything you'd expect from someone with a name like "sunshine": It's a happy, uplifting podcast that provides plenty of laughs... while still somehow being honest and real. Lenarduzzi doesn't hold anything back about her journey, and her interviews are a blend of top-notch expert advice and the relatable struggles of some of the world's fastest-rising entrepreneurs.

Standout episodes: The Only Social Media Metric that Matters and How to Find Your Unfair Advantage

9. "On Purpose," with Alex Beadon

It's easy to get off course on the entrepreneurial journey. Alex Beadon's podcast is the pick-me up and inspirational redirection to get back to what matters most: purpose. Featuring helpful strategies straight from her own launches, along with interviews with leading entrepreneurs, On Purpose is the podcast to listen to if you're feeling uninspired or a little stuck on the journey.

Standout episodes: Social Media is Optional, Not Mandatory and Launching Your Product/Service Like a Boss

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10. "Boost Your Boutique," with Emily Benson

For brick and mortar business owners, Emily Benson's Boost Your Boutique is a must. A fashion boutique veteran, Emily is known for her no-nonsense style about what it takes to make a fashion business thrive. The podcast is a mix of solo episodes and interviews with other boutique owners. So, if growing a brick and mortar empire is your strategy, this podcast is essential listening.

Standout episodes: Hiring Employees for Your Boutique and Make Your Boutique Money with Facebook Live

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