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For International Dominatrix Mistress Eva Oh, Business Is Booming

The multimedia entrepreneur was ahead of the curve, and now virtual customers are clamoring for her services during lockdown.


You’ll have to excuse Mistress Eva Oh if she sounds a bit sleepy. It’s 4 a.m. in Australia, where she’s connecting via Audio. “I entirely messed up the timing,” she concedes in a rich delivery that could best be described as -chic. The professional dominatrix, podcast host and sex educator grew up across , Europe and the land Down Under, which helps explain both her incomparable accent and way of relating to clients all over the globe.

Oh’s early entrepreneurial pursuits were more conventional — she once owned a sustainable design company — but at the age of 26, she pivoted into her current occupation and never looked back. She was forward-thinking from the start, launching a virtual business called three years ago that allows enrollees to undergo basic training in the dynamics of dominance and submissiveness, all without ever meeting Oh face-to-face. Basically, it’s like earning a (very expensive) merit badge in kink. 

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