You Can Now Schedule Your Google Messages to Be Sent Whenever You Want. Here's How.

Google's new feature for Android is perfect for distracted users, allowing you to schedule text messages, pictures, and videos in advance.
You Can Now Schedule Your Google Messages to Be Sent Whenever You Want. Here's How.
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We have all forgotten to send an important message, despite having it in mind before: birthday wishes, announcements, etc. To help users organize themselves better, Google added a new function to its Messages service on Android , which will allow you to schedule the sending of texts, images or videos in advance .

Until now, the only possibility was to write and hit 'send' at that moment. With this function, users will determine the exact day and time they want the recipient to receive their message.



How to schedule messages on Google Android?

  • First, the user must write their text , inserting the images or videos that they want to add. After that, you will need to press and hold the paper airplane icon on the right. A menu with optional pre-selected dates will appear, with the ability to enter a custom date and time .
  • As soon as the message is ready, you 'click' on the plane icon . The message will appear in the chat along with a clock and the notice that it is a scheduled message .
  • You can modify both the content of the message and the time of delivery . You just have to click on the clock and three options will appear: update the message, send it immediately or delete it.

The new feature is only available in the latest version of Google Messages , so go to the Google Play digital store and update it in the My Apps section.

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