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Grey's Anatomy fan? A company will pay 20 thousand pesos to see all its chapters

The goal of NiceRx is for the person chosen to do the job documenting who has saved the most lives, throughout the program, among doctors Miranda Bailey & Meredith Gray.

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And as Meredith Gray herself would say: "pick me, choose me, love me". A company in the United States will pay a thousand dollars to the person who watches the 369 episodes of the so far 17 seasons of the television show.

Grey's Anatomy vía Facebook


NiceRx's goal is for the person chosen to document who has saved the most lives, throughout the program, between Drs Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo).


To participate, you only have to fill out a call with the name, email and the reasons why they should choose you to carry out the task.

The chosen person will receive:

  • 1,000 dollars (approximately 20 thousand Mexican pesos).
  • The complete collection of the program to get you started.
  • Subscription to Netflix for one year.
  • A custom cameo message by James Pickens Jr. (better known as Dr. Richard Webber) congratulating him on the achievement.
  • A unique skill to add to your resume! or for you to add what is your "most useless talent" in Bumble.


How long would you spend watching the series?

According to the company's page, there are 369 episodes of 17 seasons, each episode lasts between 41 to 44 minutes, taking into account the maximum time would be around 16,236 minutes, 270 hours and 11 days, without stopping.