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Waiter returns 168 thousand pesos in cash to a customer who forgot them at his table

Miguel Morales found a Carrefour bag full of money left behind by a frequent customer in a Buenos Aires restaurant.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Perhaps you have been raised with the moral problem of what you would do if you found a wallet with a lot of money and the identification of the owner. Would you keep the money or would you give it back? Miguel Morales , an Argentine waiter, was presented with a similar situation in real life and decided to return the money.

Foto publicada por Infobae

The 25-year-old works at El Trébol, a typical Buenos Aires bar. He was there in the morning, serving a cop who was a repeat customer. He himself forgot a Carrefour bag on his table and when Miguel was cleaning it, he opened it to check what it was when he realized it was full of bills. The bag contained around 168 thousand Mexican pesos.

"He is a customer who always comes. I know him because I see him often, but we don't talk much. He came for breakfast between 10 and 11 but, when he got up to leave, he forgot a small bag on the table. When I grabbed it , I realized that it was cash, so I took it to the box to be kept and in no time it was opened. We did the same as with any customer who forgets something, have the minimum contact and keep it in the box, "Miguel Morales told Infobae .

Miguel had to leave his studies due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. But he still made the decision not to keep the money. He says that when the client returned for his belongings, he was very nervous. He could not remember where he had left the bag, and it was a possibility that all that money had been lost.

When Miguel told him that he had it, and he returned it, what the client said was that these types of actions are not forgotten. Their interaction was short, according to what Miguel recounted.

“At no time did it cross my mind to keep the money. Also, he is a customer and he knew he was coming back. You never have to stay with what is foreign. You spend your time working and saving, and in difficult times like now, a forgetfulness can happen to anyone and anywhere, "he said at the end of the interview.