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Take a Load Off

Weighed down by a ton of duties? Maybe it's time to outsource some of that work.

This story appears in the March 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

During the startup phase, you wear every hat under the sun-you're president, manager, maintenance crew and accountant. As your company grows, you'll have to delegate and outsource some of those jobs, but how do you decide when it's to outsource some of your daily tasks?

There's no exact equation to determine the , says Jeff Bolton, a partner at Daszkal Bolton LLP, an accounting firm in Boca Raton, . "Before [an entrepreneur] is willing to analyze what to outsource, they need to analyze what they do best, and how much time they spend on what they do best," he says. "If somebody's an outstanding technician or salesperson or creative person, we want them to spend the most amount of time in those areas."

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