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Whether in your car or office or on a walk, podcasts offer entrepreneurs inspiration and motivation any time of the day.
Startup Basics

Think of Your Startup Like a Pepperoni Pizza -- Use a Simple Recipe for Success.

When it comes right down to it, the ingredients for a successful startup are not that different than those of a pepperoni pizza.
Venture Capital

Seeking Venture Capital? This T.I.P. -- a Team, an Idea and a Plan -- Is Crucial to Follow.

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How to Motivate Millennials, By Millennials

When it comes right down to it, millennials just want to have fun -- and maybe we can all learn from that.
Solar Energy

Why We Don't Want to See a Total Solar-Panel Eclipse Over Nevada

A controversial ruling regarding solar energy in Nevada challenges business leaders on ethics, the environment and corporate social responsibility.
Leadership Skills

Why Leadership Hinges Upon What You Do -- Not Who You Are

Entrepreneurs should stop trying to be like great leaders and instead just start acting like them.
Managing Employees

3 Tips for Dealing With the Inevitable Departure of Key Employees

Employee off-boarding is a regular part of business these days, but it could create positive opportunities for both you and your departing team member.
Communication Strategies

Leave the TPS Reports in 1998. Use These 4 Strategies to Update Your Business Communication.

Embracing mobile and using effective memes, videos and GIFs are just a few ways to capture and keep your customers' attention.
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7 Investor Questions Startup Entrepreneurs Need to Know How to Answer

You have more of a chance of attracting investors if you can speak to these seven critical areas of a new business idea.
parental leave

Why Entrepreneurs Should Support Nationalized Parental Leave

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not provide working moms (or dads) with support during the vital first few months of a newborn's life. It's time for change.
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The Best of the Best of 2015 List From Around the Web

A serious and lighthearted look at the top "Best of 2015" lists compiled from around the web, with everything from business news to wildlife photos.
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Career Tips from 5 Millennial Women CEOs Leading Innovation

Julie Fredrickson, Carrie Hammer, Kellee Khalil, Monika Kochhar and Heather Marie are bridging the executive gender gap and share their wisdom with other aspiring female executives.
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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Ease the Inevitable Holiday Stress

Avoid letting the stress of business and the holidays soil your spirits this season.

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Look Beyond Affirmative Action

The growing problem of opportunity inequality will have a significant impact on U.S. businesses -- unless business leaders take action.
Niche marketing

How the Tacky Sweater Holiday Novelty Became Big Business

Tipsy Elves has moved beyond the national ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon and into bigger markets.