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Shocking Footage Shows Woman Throwing Hot Soup At Fast-Food Employee: 'My Eyes Were Burning, My Nose Was Bleeding'

The employee stated that she has pressed charges against the woman.


Altercations between customers and employees in the service industry between are sadly not uncommon.

TikTok via @Section_8_

Whether it's an incorrect order, slow service or anything in between, hungry and disgruntled diners will sometimes make a scene and take their anger out on the workers.

But in a new surveillance footage video from a Texas-based fast-food joint, one customer can be seen taking it too far by throwing a cup of hot, spicy soup at the employee behind the register.

The video, posted on TikTok by @section_8_, shows an altercation between a woman who was upset with her soup order and the woman working at the restaurant.

"She was complaining there was plastic in her soup and was offered a refund or another item but she continued to be arrogant and then threw the soup in the cashier's face," the text overlay on the video reads. "The customer did not ask for a refund or anything she just wanted to argue. This happened in Temple. Texas."

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In the surveillance footage, the woman can be seen growing visibly angrier as she dukes it out verbally with the cashier at the Mexican fast-food joint. She then removes the lid of the soup and points to what is presumably the plastic in the soup.

@section_8_ A Karen in training! @Nelly -The cashier, did not deserve this! #roborockrun #fyp #fypシ #karen ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

She then grabs the cup of soup and shockingly throws it directly at the cashier's face before walking away from the register.

The video has since garnered over 7.5 million views and over 916,000 likes.

"The poor cashier, I hope she didn't get burned," one commenter wrote.

Hundreds of commenters called the incident "assault" and said that the employee should "press charges," prompting a response video from the cashier herself.

The employee explained in her video that the incident actually began on the phone, when the disgruntled customer called the restaurant saying that her soup was so hot that it melted the plastic lid into the soup.

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After two phone altercations where the customer became aggressive, she ended up coming into the restaurant.

@bummynelly I hope this explains it! The video is on @section_8_ page. Again, please refrain from harassing or threatening this woman! Thanks again #menudo #restaurantlife #karen ♬ Lofi nostalgic old music box(833007) - NARU

"All she wanted to do was yell and cuss," the employee said in her response video.

She then claims that she told the angry customer that she needed to calm down or leave, or the police would be called.

The employee continued to offer help to the customer while asking her to stop yelling.

"If anything the spices from the soup definitely affected me more than anything," the cashier said of the soup being thrown in her face. "It really felt like I had been pepper sprayed. My eyes were burning, my nose was bleeding … charges have already been filed."

She then asked viewers to refrain from threatening or harassing the customer, because the situation is "already being handled."

It was not revealed what specific restaurant location or chain the incident occurred in.

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