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Tesla Has Made the First Deliveries of Its New Model X Vehicles

Customers who ordered Tesla's redesigned Model X are finally getting their vehicles.


Customers who ordered Tesla's redesigned Model X are finally getting their vehicles.

AdrianHancu | Getty Images

A user on the Tesla Motors Club forum uploaded a video of their new electric SUV Saturday, adding, "I think more deliveries are coming so hopefully all of you can get it very soon."

The refreshed Model X, which costs almost $94,000, features a landscape touchscreen display in the front of the vehicle and a smaller display in the back. The dashboard appears similar to the refreshed Model S, though it has a large glass windshield, more space and Falcon Wing doors. The deliveries were part of a small event, according to Electrek, and the vehicles featured had six seats. The five- and seven-seat options weren't seen at the event.

Tesla's official Twitter account confirmed what the TMC forum user revealed. The account posted four photos Sunday, captioning them simply, "First deliveries of new Model X."

The lead times on Model X vehicles are still long. The Long Range version is estimated to arrive starting in Sept. 2022 and Plaid is set for July of 2022. The long wait times for Model X vehicles underscore the impact of chip shortages on the company's production.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced earlier this month night his company's headquarters is moving to Austin, Texas. Previously, Tesla operated out of Fremont, California. Musk made the announcement during his company's stockholders meeting, which was held at Tesla's Gigafactory in Austin.

He pointed out, however, that Tesla "will be continuing to expand [its] activities in California," not leaving the state completely. Rather, he said, the company wants to increase output in Fremont and a factory in Nevada by 50%.

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