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'My Generation Is Lazy': 23-Year-Old CEO Says One Specific Thing Is Destroying Gen Z's Work Ethic Luke Lintz was 16 when he co-founded public relations firm HighKey Enterprises with his brother.

By Amanda Breen

Key Takeaways

  • Luke Lintz had odd jobs starting in seventh grade, from babysitting to demolition work.
  • Social media helped his company find success — but it's not without its drawbacks, he says.
  • Lintz hopes his social media content helps Gen Z peers addicted to the digital realm "wake up and smell the coffee."

Luke Lintz, the 23-year-old co-founder and CEO of Puerto Rico-based public relations firm HighKey Enterprises, says he knows what hard work looks like because he's been working side gigs since he was in seventh grade.

Over the course of middle and high school, Lintz babysat, worked at an organic food store, did demolition work and painted houses.

He and his brother launched HighKey when Lintz was just 16, and he says their inspiration came from "constantly trying to find the best use of [his] time, wanting more out of life, and [he and his brother] pushing each other regularly to be better."

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