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Get Used to Doors Closing in Your Face Unless You Get Out of This Mindset Here are three tips that can change the way you approach situations and help you start thinking with a growth mindset.

By Entrepreneur Staff

Key Takeaways

  • How much does raw talent play a factor in your success?
  • Why embracing tension is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • Learn the power of "yet."

There is no guaranteed formula for success. We often think that natural abilities, raw talent and a little luck are enough to make anyone successful — they're not.

Your mindset and approach to challenges and critical moments can be even more important than the hard skills you've acquired. The best way we've seen it described is, do you have a growth mindset? Or a fixed one? Although these terms are nothing new (they were first coined in 1988), executive coach and speaker Amy Chambers is an expert on the matter, and she argues that adopting a growth mindset can be one of the most important skills you learn on your way to success.

"After years of observing countless people with both mindsets, I can attest with zero hesitation that growth mindset individuals create more happiness and success in their lives than fixed mindset individuals," Chambers says.

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