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Juggling Time Having difficulty balancing work and play? Make the most of each day with these time-management techniques.

By Barry Farber

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Do you ever feel like your life is a balancing act of makingcalls, writing letters, dealing with the daily headaches of thebusiness world-and then making time for your friends and family?Welcome to the real world.

Even the best business people often need help handling the"so much to do, so little time" dilemma. So here are afew time-management hints to help you get the most out of yourdays:

Plan tomorrow today. Atthe end of each workday, take a blank sheet of paper and write downeverything you must accomplish tomorrow in the order the tasksshould be done. The next day, you won't have to decide what todo first, and crossing off the things you accomplish will give yougreat satisfaction. Don't let the simplicity of a to-do listfool you; it's one of the best time-management tools everinvented.

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