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Growth Strategies

#6 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make After Raising Funds

To stand tall in the market and among the competitors, raising funding has become an on-going trend within startups today.


This Investor's Life Journey will Inspire You in Ways More than One

The right approach to investing is by neither controlling nor letting the entrepreneur make his own choices says this humble investor


Looking For An Investor? These Entrepreneurs Tell How To Strike Out Wrong Ones

They crib about their past investments and blame the entrepreneurs for not doing the right thing

Growth Strategies

Investors Fancy Startups that are Solving Larger Problems

The company CEO feels in any part of the world, startups should be working to solve a large problem that concerns many to get investors' support

News and Trends

Women can Work Wonders with Right Mentoring Ecosystem and Access to Capital

The United Nations is celebrating women entrepreneurs via Women's Entrepreneurship Day on November 19 and that's a telling comment about the changing times


Few Key Factors to Consider Before Raising Startup Capital

"To understand the amount Capital required to start a business, one needs to clearly define the uses of Capital"

Starting a Business

#5 Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur

The most pressing initial challenge of an entrepreneur is assembling a competent team of co-founders


How Can Investment in Commercial Real-estate be Compared to Other Investment Avenues

Commercial property returns are a hybrid between equity, fixed and debt funds


How India's Ultra-rich Intend to Turn Their Passion for Art into Investment

Art has always been looked at as an important part of a family's investment portfolio

Starting a Business

#5 Useful Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Sustain and Grow

Entrepreneurs should not measure business growth only in terms of revenue, but should take all aspects into consideration before deciding the business growth prospect

Starting a Business

#4 Points Nascent Entrepreneurs Should Follow for Survival

"If you fail in the first 18 months, it simply means you didn't study your market well before entering it."

Starting a Business

Amitabh Kant Urges Young Entrepreneurs to Penetrate Global Market, Says No Shortage of Funds

"Mobile will become your bank; it will become your wallet as the cost of physical banking will be very high."

Starting a Business

Want to be An Entrepreneur but Have No Funds? Here's How you Can Raise Them

Banks That Are Start-up-friendly Offer Credit Facilities and Overdrafts to Ventures That Meet Their Lending Requirements


This Global Entrepreneur is Branch-ing Out to Set up Pocket Banks

'The regulations in India are enabling fintech, the market size is huge, the spread of technology is rapid and people have a great entrepreneurial spirit'