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Growth Strategies

The Capital Connector for Entrepreneurs

Singhal drafts few to-dos for entrepreneurs before betting on them – first, tell him why you are passionate about a particular thing and not just for the sake of it.

Starting a Business

It's Not Just About Raising Funds, #5 More Aspects Of Crowdfunding

"Tribe Building through strong follow-up with voters/contributors is the most important aspect for crowdfunding"

Starting a Business

#4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Find Investors To Finance New Projects

"Investors will always look for entrepreneurs who show readiness to spend money and have 'skin in the game'"


This Designer is Filling the Gap With a Range of Everyday Objects

To fill the gap with a range of everyday objects with a simple, minimalist design aesthetic, Anisha Singh with her husband, Gurpreet Singh, founded LetterNote in 2012.

Growth Strategies

Starting a Company Selling Innerware Can Be Tough in India. #7 Tips For Aspirants

Its been a long journey with days when I felt great about what we were creating, to nights when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and quit.

Buying / Investing in Business

5 Ways Venture Capital Can Steal Your Dream

Many entrepreneurs chase VC funding, but the ones who fail to get it may be better off than those who do.

Growth Strategies

'Larger Purpose of Amendments Was to Liberalize Angel Funds Instead of Narrowing Them Down'

The said provision was inserted to be in-line with the Companies Act, 1956 wherein, over 50 investors in a company would make it deemed public.


Sustainability Over Capital ? This Entrepreneur Duo says Yes

Entrepreneur India caught up with Karan Jain, founder of Revv to know more what it takes to build a sustainable business model.


#4 Mobile Apps That Disappeared In 2016

Few mobile apps which made it big initially failed later because of many reasons.


Accel Partners' India Arm Raises $450 Mln, Here's How it Plans to Allocate It

Sectors that could benefit from Accel India's new round of funds


3 Important Factors To Consider Before Evaluating A Startup

For Goel, there are three most important factors when evaluating a startup, the team, the concept and the stage

News and Trends

Can VCs Add Value Beyond the Money?

Here's what VCs think are going to be the most promising sectors of 2017.

News and Trends

Key Takeaways from VC Panel at GMIC Bangalore –Part 1

Here's what VCs think of markdowns, unicorns, policies and Donald Trump


Large Industries Give You A Room For Creativity In Creating Businesses

When it comes to evaluating a startup, Anupam Mittal, Founder and CEO of People Group has three primary things to look at.


"An Entrepreneur Needs to Be Both, Humble and Arrogant"

East Ventures mainly looks for 3 things - integrity, self awareness and the quality of paradox.