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Audacious Advertising

In-your-face marketing could be the best way to reach your audience.

This story appears in the February 2007 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

You're brave enough to start a business, but are you bold enough to shout about it? Entrepreneur Howard Brauner definitely knows how to boldly market his Bald Guyz line of grooming products. Specifically designed for bald men, Brauner's product line was created to help them embrace, not hide, their baldness. A former comb-over devotee himself, Brauner, 49, knew his target market would respond to his in-your-face initiative, including "Bald is Beautiful Day" in New York City, a six-mile walk for proud bald men with the Bald Beauty street team of attractive women who pass out the product to potential customers. "We were saluting the bald guys along the way," Brauner says.

Knowing your target market is key to any successful bold initiative, say Dan Gershenson, Tom Olivieri and Joe Paul, partners and experts at The Creative Underground, an advertising company in Boca Raton, Florida. "The level of crazy really depends on your target audience," says Olivieri. In-your-face, bold moves might work well with teenagers, but not so much with seniors, he points out.

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