Have a Blockbuster Summer of Sales With These 3 Strategies

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Every year, movie studios fiercely compete in a a multi-billion dollar battle for the summer blockbuster space to dominate box office sales and hook their viewers. Why should it just be movies that enjoy blockbuster sales? Whether it’s during the summer season or not, there are some key takeaways from blockbuster season that every entrepreneur can learn from for maximizing sales.

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Here are three ways you can have a blockbuster summer of sales:

1. Plan your launch. Studios don’t just wing it when it comes to crowded blockbuster release dates. They carefully plan out years and years in advance before they schedule the release of a film. Mega success franchise Marvel recently announced a film slate schedule that mapped out summer release dates all the way from 2017 through 2021! Take a note from the movie studio playbook and plan out a big launch for a product or service announcement. This gives you a chance to build major buzz and excitement for your offering. Plan your release date, then come up with a strategy for pre-sales, buzz and marketing to make the biggest splash in your industry when your product or service is released.

2. Market an emotional connection. Long before films are released in the blockbuster season, studios start releasing powerful marketing campaign materials to make the emotional connection between fans and films. Online trailers try to stir up personal connections while print media attempts to convey enough film plot to hook potential moviegoers into wanting more.

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Building a strong emotional connection between fans and potential new fans is a crucial step in the summer blockbuster strategy. How are you connecting your product or service to your clients and potential new clients? Do you have print media that tells a powerful story they’ll want to know more about? You can even take a queue from the studios themselves and make your own trailer or product preview to release online to build excitement and a personal connection to your business and brand.

3. Deliver a thrilling product. Like it or not, we all live in the social-media age now. There are plenty of studios who probably wish we didn’t, especially when bad film reviews spread like wildfire, warning others off of films within a day of opening. There are no shortcuts for a superior product in this age of digital connectivity. You have to deliver a thrilling and valuable product or service and really make a splash with whatever you’re offering or no amount of planning and pre-launch marketing will save you.

There’s no substitute for great content. Make sure what you’re offering is beyond expectations and you’ll have a blockbuster on your hands.

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