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How You Can Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

This story originally appeared on Personal Branding Blog

If you feel like you have no time for yourself and constantly think about work, then most probably you are a workaholic. Although culture encourages workaholism, it is actually a very dangerous situation for you. Working too much decreases your productivity and burn you out as well as may ruin your relationships with family and friends leaving you in a depressive mood. Therefore, it is essential to always take breaks when working and make time for yourself and others.

Below you can find some tips to avoid becoming a workaholic.

1. Remember that there are more important things than work. Is it really worth taking that conference call on Sunday morning rather than playing with your kids in the backyard? Working on something you like is important but your loved ones are important as well. Think through how you use your time and what is truly important in your life. If you are with your family and friends at that moment, be really there. Don't try to answer your emails via your smart phone during that time. Pay attention to their conversation.

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2. Think of return on investment (ROI). Don't spend too much time on tasks that won't have a major benefit to the company. If no one is waiting for you to finish that task today, then don't. Always consider the investment you make, in this case it is your time and effort, and the return you will get as a result of this investment. This will help you organize your priorities plus define your success metrics. Therefore, you can cut back some work and use that time for yourself and your family. Always remember this motto: "You have to work smart and not hard."

3. Set yourself boundaries. Limit the amount of time you stay at work and the assignments you accept. If your plate is full, then say so! Remember you are not the only one working in that company. Other employees can take on some of the tasks as well. Don't stay at the office too late. Leave when most of your coworkers leave. If necessary, block your calendar after 6pm and on weekends to manage your work-life balance better.

4. Get help from others. If you feel that you won't be able to manage your work-life balance in a healthy way, reach out to others who are successful on managing this. You can get professional help as well. Don't forget that your health is more important than your work.

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