Content Creation to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Content Creation to Make Your Small Business Stand Out
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Presenting topical content to your target audience is one of the most beneficial marketing tactics available to your business. According to the Content Marketing Institute, topical and curated content creation can help your company generate significantly more leads. To help your brand stand out and drive reader interest, implement these three methods of creating relevant content:

  • Current events
  • Holidays
  • Trending topics

Current Events

Incorporating unexpected or new information in your marketing agenda and capitalizing on current events helps your business receive more attention as you are providing pertinent and interesting data for your readers. For example, when Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s trip to space was postponed, Kit Kat created an advertisement that suggested he eat a Kit Kat to pass the time and produced another one with a Kit Kat in space once his trip was rescheduled.

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Include upcoming holidays or seasons in your content. There are a variety of ways to market your business using holidays, including:

  • Promotions or sales
  • Changing your logo background to include a holiday or seasonal theme
  • Presenting informative content that’s both relevant to your brand and the holiday

Keep in mind that you can alter the information regarding the celebration to pertain to your target demographic. For example, Williams-Sonoma, a company that’s known for selling gourmet food and quality cookware, published a variety of classic Irish recipes for St. Patrick’s Day. Likewise, if you have a clothing business, you could offer springtime sales or distribute articles and blogs about spring fashion and trends.

Trending Topics

One of the best ways to increase your company presence is to highlight popular topics. There are plenty of ways to learn about what is prominently being discussed:

  • Social media
  • News sources
  • Google

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From watching a local news channel to seeing what’s trending on Twitter, there is no shortage of resources available to learn about trending topics. Once you have a popular story, you can make it applicable to your target audience. If your business provides information or products regarding sporting equipment or working out, you can highlight a current game or sports player in your marketing. It’s advised, however, to avoid viral or trending topics that are controversial as well as stories that you wouldn’t want associated with your brand.

If your company sells a product or service that consumers don’t search for often, it can be difficult to increase your brand presence. But if you provide content around what’s trending and strategically integrate your brand into the story, you can be a top-of-mind company for clients and prospects. For example, Blendtec, a business that sells blenders, became a viral sensation by blending objects not intended for a blender that related to popular topics. During one Super Bowl weekend, Blendtec publicized a video of miniature helmets and foam footballs being blended and also filmed the attempt to blend Transformers toys when the Transformers film was released.

According to Curata, Over 50 percent of marketers that curate content indicate that it has increased their brand visibility, SEO, Web traffic and buyer engagement. By incorporating pertinent and new information into your content marketing strategy, you are demonstrating to your readers that your business is a relevant and trusted source.

Written by Phillip Thune, CEO of of Textbroker

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