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Let Seth Godin Break Everything You Know About Leadership

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Leadership determines the survival, success, and legacy of organizations.

Whether they lead a small tribe, a powerful nation, or just a loose grouping of people, leaders primarily serve as agents of change, with the best of them transforming people’s lives for the better. They use different approaches to influence how people feel, think and act.

The good thing is, effective and genuine leadership can be learned, including the approaches a leader might consider based on her personality or the specific scenario she is in.  

For example, pragmatists like Lee Kuan Yew appeal to reason, people’s sense of decency and their aspiration for excellent results. Having drawn his people’s strong commitment to nation-building, Yew led the astonishing rise of Singapore from a small backwater colony with sparse natural resources into a global hub for finance, innovation, commerce, and human development.

Meanwhile, visionaries like Martin Luther King, Jr. possess the ability to make people see the world through a different lens and reimagine a future worth betting everything on. By inspiring people to push for civil rights in the 1960s, King spurred a global activism that continues to oppose inequality and celebrate human dignity.  

What kind of leader are you?

Forget what you know about leadership because it’s likely wrong.

To be the best leader you can, evaluate how you personally view leadership. What does it mean to you?

If this question rattles your brain, then consider joining Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop. In this short one-day course, the world-renowned speaker and bestselling author will help you explore the goals and nuances of leadership, altering your ideas on what exactly makes a good leader.

For instance:

Leadership is not management. Management is the practice of getting people to do what you want. In contrast, leadership happens when somebody assumes the responsibility of making a difference.

Culture defeats everything -- including strategy. Never compromise organizational culture even if it means taking the longer or more difficult route in getting things done.

Having founded and led a number of businesses, Godin has travelled the world, meeting all sorts of leaders. He has learned that leaders have nothing in common except the willingness to change and make things better.

Veteran entrepreneur and Marketing Hall of Famer, Godin is an authority on the subject. Join his class today to navigate the tricky contours of leadership.

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