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6 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Your Advantage

You can always develop your career if you really want and believe it or not holidays are perfect for it.

This story originally appeared on Personal Branding Blog

You can always develop your career if you really want and believe it or not holidays are perfect for it. During the holiday season, it is easier to get in touch with people because you have a perfectly valid reason for it. Therefore, it is up to you to use this excuse and advance your career. Below you can find tips for making the most of this holiday season.

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1. Attend events

Even if you don't like parties or gatherings, stop by for half an hour so that you can be seen. Especially, attend to your employer's holiday party. Greet your bosses and talk to people in other departments. Most importantly enjoy the party and socialize with your coworkers!

2. Network

Holidays are perfect for networking. There are so many events and parties you can attend and as a result, you can make new connections or reestablish your connections with former friends or coworkers. Try to get to know new people and make new contacts. A big smile always helps. You never know maybe you may need those contacts one day.

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3. Say thanks

Use the holiday season to thank people. Show your gratitude to your coworkers, clients, managers and others. Send them greeting cards or gift certificates. Make sure to make your gift personal and if possible, use hand writing. Sincere relationships are always important in life. Also, you never know who will help you the most in the future.

4. Look back

The holiday season is usually a slower season for many unless you are in retail. Use this slower month to reassess your career. Did you achieve your goals this year? What worked well and what didn't? Rather than following your daily routine, give yourself some time and think about these. Also, write down what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. Start working on your plans for next year.

5. Get together with your team

If you are leading a team, do a look back session with them as well. Make this a group activity. Listen to their suggestions and brainstorm for new ideas. Strategize for next year. Also, you can take them to a holiday lunch or dinner. This will improve their motivation and will bond you as a team.

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6. Take a few days off

If you have any vacation days left, take this time off. Use it for spending time with your loved ones, doing some shopping and preparing yourself for the New Year. Relax a little bit, enjoy these wonderful days and prepare your mind and body for the coming year.

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