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10 Awesome New iPhone Emoji You Can Totally Use in Business

Make your texts stand out with these latest options from Apple.


More than 100 new emoji were added to Apple's library with its latest software upgrade, iOS 10.2, with a wide-ranging selection of jobs -- such as astronaut, tech support and judge -- expressions, animals, sports and foods.


We've selected our top 10 of the new offerings, and wanted to provide some insight into what using these frequently say about you, especially in how you approach your business. (Editor's note: Use these with clients at your own risk.)


You're always on the move and know a good deal when you see one.

Image credit: Apple



You're the king or queen of finding solid brunch places, and you know, you bring home the bacon.

Image credit: Apple



You're self-aware and don't suffer fools.

Image credit: Apple



You're wise and see things from a 360-degree perspective.

Image credit: Apple



You're worldly, well-traveled and enjoy flaky pastries at your breakfast meetings.

Image credit: Apple



You’re always innovating and trying new things, and not afraid to blow things up and start new.

Image credit: Apple



You're thoughtful and health-conscious, but you also know when to cut loose and have a good time.

Image credit: Apple



You're fearless, collaborative and can stand the heat.

Image credit: Apple



You are colorful, have a light touch and are capable of major transformations.

Image credit: Apple


Smiley Face With Indiana Jones Flair

You're endlessly curious, cool under pressure and terrified of snakes.

Image credit: Apple


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