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Taco Bell Teamed With Forever 21 to Create Crazy Clothes That Are Already Sold Out

Is the idea outlandish? Sure, but the companies seemed to have leaned into the silliness with a decent amount of success.


Never let it be said that you should just stick to what you know.

Forever 21

Earlier this month, Taco Bell teamed up with Forever 21 to develop a clothing line for men, women and children who think that their wardrobes could use a little more “sauce” and/or “heat,” per the fast food chain’s description of the collection's aesthetic.

Outlandish? Sure, but the companies seemed to have leaned into the silliness with a decent amount of success.

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The collection ranges from $7.90 phone cases to men’s and women’s shiny purple, orange and black Taco Bell branded anoraks for $29.90 and $24.90 respectively -- both of which are already sold out.

Also sold out? The women’s bright orange bodysuit complete with a pattern of flames that says “hot, born saucy” on the front for $17.90, the equivalent of what you could spend on roughly 13 crunchy tacos, the brand’s most popular menu item in 2016.

In a press release announcing the team up, Taco Bell said that the collaboration was a perfect fit because the “the two [are] like-minded brands, together at the intersection of culture and innovation.”

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It takes a lot of confidence in the strength of your brand to expect that people will go out and spend money not just to consume your products but to wear them literally on their sleeves.

So the next time you are brainstorming ideas for how to call attention to your brand, take a page out of Taco Bell’s playbook and have a sense of humor and customer-first mentality.

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