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Avoid the Costly Mistake of Assembling the Wrong Leadership Team

Make the leadership team transition from founder-led to a seasoned mix of diverse professionals.

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In the early days of building a start-up, there are several things that people tell you to focus your time and attention on. You need to have a strong plan, an addressable market, an understanding of customer personas, product-market fit, etc. And while all of these things are key aspects of ensuring the short and long-term success of a start-up, there’s a less-discussed aspect that holds just as much, if not more, bearing on whether your business is going to be a success.

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We know that people make up the heart of any business, and over the last few years, particularly in tech, there’s been a strong focus on building a strong, people-focused culture. Yet, what many start-up CEOs fail to speak about is the impact of teams on driving this culture. More specifically, they fail to discuss the importance of making the transition from a founder-led to a leadership team made up of a diverse mix of seasoned senior professionals, all while maintaining the same values and culture that they started with.

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