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Do You Know Why Our Vitamin D Decreases During the Winter Months?

It is important to consume this vitamin to keep our bodies healthy.

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By Fernanda Orendain

In the winter season, it is important to strengthen our immune system to avoid catching a cold or respiratory illness. Also, during the cold months, vitamin D decreases . We tell you why.

According to a study presented by Boston University , people who have adequate levels of vitamin D in the body have a lower risk of respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.

Image: Jordan Steart via Unsplash

Why does it decrease?

Vitamin D is reduced due to decreasing solar radiation. Your body is exposed to the sun less, so it does not receive enough nutrients.

How to get it?

The best way to obtain it is through sun exposure in moderate amounts. "Short ultraviolet radiation and the use of sunscreen are beneficial to health," according to the WHO.

Did you know that vitamin D decreases during the winter months?

Image: Elia Pellegrimi via Unsplash

You also find it in some foods such as fish, beef liver, cheese, mushrooms, egg yolk. However, if the above alternatives do not convince you, you can also buy it through multivitamins in liquid form and pills.

And before starting any treatment, the most important thing is to consult with your doctor.

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