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Apple Opens All of Its Stores in the US, After Being Closed for a Year

With some restrictions, but the technology giant will already be able to receive its customers in physical stores.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

A tunnel of hope looks a little closer. Apple opens all its stores in the United States, after being closed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they will be able to receive customers physically and be operating almost in a " normal " way.


This Monday, the technology giant reopened the last stores that remained closed in the United States. These are those corresponding to the state of Texas, giving a total of 271 locations in the northern country. However, some must operate under limitations such as capacity, in this way customers can only attend by appointment.

A year ago, Apple closed all of its stores except for China. Since then, it has had to open and close depending on the epidemiological status of each region.

The improvement in the north country

According to the BBC , the United States has seen a notable decrease in cases since the beginning of February. Hospitalizations were reduced to 16% and deaths to 3.5%. However, the country continues to be the one with the most deaths and infections from COVID-19.

The medium gives three factors that explain why a little light is already visible at the end of the tunnel. First, that they are no longer traveling like they did in the holidays, that means less exposure to the virus. Second, that many Americans were already infected, as of March 2, 28.7 million. But, as many infected did not perform a test or were asymptomatic, it is estimated that the number would multiply by four, that is, almost a third of the population.

Finally, the decrease in cases is attributed to the fact that a large number of people now use face masks. In addition, the accelerated vaccination process has prevented the coronavirus from spreading so easily.

So, these points have opened the door to various brands and businesses to re-present themselves to the public.