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Do you want to improve the work of your team? Thank him

It is scientifically proven that this act generates a very positive impact and does not cost you anything.

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If you have people reporting to you at work, consider expressing your appreciation to them on a regular basis. It is scientifically proven that this act generates a very positive impact. Some research shows that expressing gratitude has a variety of benefits that increase well-being for both the giver and the recipient.

Gratitude is the recognition of the blessings and goodness that exist in our lives. It is something that we can be aware of internally and also express externally. In the context of work relationships, gratitude is our ability to recognize the unique gifts that each person brings to our daily work.

The science behind gratitude

The latest research suggests that gratitude can increase performance effectiveness and job satisfaction among employees.

From the studies that exist on the subject, there are reasons to believe that gratitude can help employees work more effectively and feel more satisfied in the workplace. In addition, it can promote prosocial behaviors, that is, it improves teamwork.

Our insights can lead us to underestimate gratitude

An interesting study by the APS of the United States, discovered that people underestimate the reaction they can provoke when expressing their gratitude to someone, and at the same time, they overestimate how uncomfortable this act can be. The study concludes that these misconceptions can cause us to miss out on this social experience.

Gratitude can increase performance effectiveness and job satisfaction among employees / Image:

Expressing gratitude improves the perception that a relationship is strong

In another medical study , the impact of expressing gratitude on the perception of a relationship was analyzed. The findings indicated that, through expressing appreciation to a partner, the perceived strength of the relationship increased.

Now, focusing on the workplace, consider the following:

  • How do you feel when a colleague or your boss recognizes you for a job well done?
  • How do you feel when you offer words of thanks to a colleague?
  • How do you show your gratitude?
  • Is there room in your workplace to show your gratitude in a better way?

Probably your answers made you see a truth: we all want to be seen and recognized, and there is probably room to offer this recognition to a greater extent in your workplace, but how?

To offer your appreciation effectively and genuinely to the people you work with, it's important to keep in mind that expressions of gratitude must come from the heart and that there are many different ways to express and receive gratitude. Some people will be more receptive to different expressions than others. Whenever possible, personalize your expressions of appreciation.

Here are some ideas on how to show gratitude in your work:

  • Express your appreciation verbally, telling colleagues or reports directly that they have done a great job.
  • Send in writing the positive points that you would like to highlight about the work of a collaborator.
  • Take into account their interests , you can grant flexible work hours or a team lunch.
  • Surprise them! You can send them a small gift, dessert, or a bonus.
  • Share platforms for them to grow personally. There are options such as the ayam app, which offers you practical tools that combine meditation and mindfulness techniques with the latest studies in neuroscience so that you can live a fuller life.

Consider and explore different ideas that suit your team. With these small but significant actions, you may notice greater satisfaction, stronger relationships, and better results in your work environment.