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Shocking Video Shows Man Reaching Behind Counter at McDonald's, Stealing Over $1,000

The suspect entered the Queens, New York McDonald's on Friday afternoon.


A shocking new surveillance video is making its rounds in which a man can be seen reaching through the Covid-safe partition at a local McDonald’s to steal cash from the open register.

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In the video, provided by the NYPD Crime Stoppers, the man can be seen entering the McDonald’s and ordering his food around 1:40 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

He hands a $5 bill to the McDonald’s worker while waiting for the cash register to fully open.

When the employee looks down to put the $5 bill into the register, the man suddenly reaches around the clear partition and sticks both hands into the register to steal as much money as possible.

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Startled, the employee jumps back and doesn’t interfere until another employee comes and attempts to stop the robber, but he escapes with two hands worth of cash.

The NY Daily News reported that police confirmed the suspect made it out with $1,116 from the Ridgewood, Queens McDonald’s in New York.

Police said that no injuries were reported at the time and that no further information is known about the suspect.

McDonald's was up 7.71% year over year as of early Tuesday afternoon.

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