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How You Can Use AI to Help Market Your Products

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work - from sales to data processing to journalism. And one of its most powerful applications is in marketing and its associated social media content.

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An artificial intelligence content creator is software that creates content in an automated manner, and is capable of generating articles, blog posts and other types of written content, often by using information from the user's website or blog. It can be applied by companies in generating their own web pages for products or services, as well as by digital agencies to produce all manner of text-based content for clients. One example of such software, Ai Writer, helps automate article writing, sparing people from having to write boring and repetitive text. It can additionally help with SEO and keywords while human staff members focus on what matters: products and growing a business.

How AI can help marketers save time and money

Marketers are always looking for ways to save on both work hours and budgets, and it's high time that they took advantage of AI's potential to help do just that. AI is making it easier than ever for them to automate tedious tasks, like generating content at scale, which helps them spend more time on what they're best at: creativity. In this industry, too, it can be applied in different ways — among the most versatile and powerful generating post ideas and copy, which is a time-consuming task for digital marketers. It can also be used to analyze social media data and create content that's relevant to a target audience. In social media, one of the most time-consuming tasks that marketers have to do is generate ideas, and AI has the power to handle that, as well as analyze, personalize and optimize content after it has been created.

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Which content creator fits your needs?

There are many AI content creators on the market, and not all of them are created equal. Some work better for specific needs, while others are more general, and there are many factors that determine which creator is best for your needs, including the type of content that needs to be generated, how quickly it must be done and who will consume it. For text production, I find that Rytr is a good option, and for video content Pictory is a good choice.

What's next for AI content creation

AI is changing the way we work, and that doesn't mean just content writers. There are many other professions this technology has disrupted and will continue to disrupt in the future, such as sales, marketing and even journalism.

AI tools are not just there to replace humans: they are there to help them — to support them and make life easier. From small tasks like making a grocery list and finding a date to complex tasks like writing content and creating graphics.

Use cases for AI writing tools vary from business to business, but they have one thing in common: they provide an easy way for people without the skillset of a copywriter or content writer to get their message across in an engaging way.

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