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How to Reconnect With Those Outside Our Inner Circle

Everyone has gone through their own challenges -- it's time to start rebuilding those relationships.

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During the last two years, we have found creative ways to stay connected with our close friends, colleagues and family. But what about everyone else? Before the pandemic we had professional and personal peripheral connections that we were able to maintain and nurture. We may have interacted with them less, but there were still repeated times we interacted with them on a regular basis. Many of these relationships have fallen off altogether as we have struggled with maintaining the relationships closest to us from a distance. So, is it too late? What can we do to rekindle our other relationships? Here are four tips to help you rebuild those relationships.

1. Be a connector

Schedule an in-person event to bring your connections together. There may be those that are not yet comfortable, but many are craving an opportunity to connect in real life. You can schedule a meal or a fun activity. Keep the group on the smaller side, 15-20 people. This will not only give you an opportunity to reconnect, but also give those in your network a chance to start rebuilding their own networks. Your network will also appreciate and remember that you are the one that brought them together. Be sure to send out a post-event email connecting all attendees as well.

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