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3 Big Reasons Social Media Is Critical to Your Multi-Touch Marketing Strategy As part of a multi-touch marketing strategy, social media brings your brand to life, enables you to engage directly with your target audience, and cost-effectively expands your reach.

By Karen Spaeder Edited by Joseph Shults

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The buying process has transformed significantly in recent years, with consumers interacting directly with brands right from their living room sofas. Social media is a huge part of that interaction — as people scroll through their social feeds and stumble upon brands they otherwise would have never heard of.

Oftentimes, social media is the first touchpoint you have with customers and a key driver of traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store. In a sea of competition where everyone is fighting for customers' attention, social media needs to be a key component of your multi-touch marketing strategy — which may also include email, PPC ads, SEO and other digital marketing mediums.

If you don't, your competitors will, and they'll win over your customers before you ever get the chance to convince them to choose you instead. When a company lacks a social media presence, they're missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with their audience and grow their business.

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