9 Movie Clips (With Songs!) to Keep You Inspired

These songs and film clips can keep you focused on your business mission.

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Even the greatest entrepreneurs can fall prey to mental and spiritual fatigue. The stress of deadlines, fear of failure, the barrage of varying options and opinions -- a balance can be tough to find.

Thankfully, Hollywood writers know a little something about losing your mojo, and managed to craft decades' worth of stories on those who decided to persevere.

Here are nine amazing movie clips, backed by some great tunes, to help keep that inspiration on high.

1. Limitless (2011).

Hear this: "Howlin' For You" -- The Black Keys

Limitless makes Bradley Cooper's brain-bending drug habit look like the stuff of legend as he goes from downtrodden author to confident, unflappable business man. We're not condoning drug use here, but the swagger demonstrated in this clip is very awesome. Ask yourself: Can you accomplish more in one day -- maybe even in one hour -- than you think?

2. Begin Again (2013).

Hear this: "A Step You Can't Take Back" -- Keira Knightley

Mark Ruffalo -- portraying a newly fired A&R exec who bathes himself in bourbon -- sees the light when he's wowed by a cynical-but-talented songwriter played by Keira Knightley. It's the beginning of an uplifting professional relationship demonstrating how fate and chance can sometimes work in your favor.

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3. The Devil Wears Prada (2004).

Hear this: "Vogue" -- Madonna

Anne Hathaway's Andrea gets a bumpy start as a fledgling assistant to the fire-breathing editorial director of a fashion magazine. Fed up with lumpy sweater shaming and uppity colleagues, she pulls off a wardrobe 180 that would dazzle in any office setting, if not on the runway.

4. Office Space (1999).

Hear this: "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" -- Geto Boys

Peter, played by Ron Livingston, is hilarious when the hypnosis he undergoes leads to a workplace epiphany of enviable proportion. Common decency makes this an office revenge fantasy we'd never play out in reality, but it certainly helps when it comes to lightening a heavy workload.

5. Legally Blonde (2001).

Hear this: "Perfect Day" -- Hoku

Peppy Harvard Law student Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) gets the last chuckle when she rises above her mean-spirited peers to deliver a graduation speech about one important word: passion! Something an entrepreneur should never leave home without.

6. The Hangover (2009).

Hear this: "Joker and The Thief" -- Wolfmother

Four guys at a bachelor party in Vegas are out of luck -- that is until Zach Galifianakis flexes his kooky mathematical genius. Never giving up, particularly when the chips (ha!) are down, is a strong theme here -- and the stiff chords during "Joker and the Thief" jolt like electric Red Bull.

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7. Major League (1989)

Hear this: "Wild Thing" -- The Troggs

You don't need to like baseball to feel the invincibility of Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Charlie Sheen may have imploded with his real-life shenanigans, but his MLB character overcomes life's baggage to make the idea of "winning" -- even with that haircut -- look pretty enticing.

8. The Karate Kid (1984).

Hear this: "You're The Best Around" -- Joe Esposito

The world might be a better place if we all listened to Mr. Miyagi. So it's good that you can watch this clip over and over to see how his virtues of hard work and self-confidence rubbed off on young Daniel. Laziness and doubt are your Cobra Kai -- give yourself a "Banzai!" then take them down hard.

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9. Rocky IV (1985).

Hear this: "Hearts on Fire" -- John Cafferty

When a giant Russian -- who lives by the words "I Must Break You" -- threatens to rearrange your face, you might want to be as prepared as possible for the impending beatdown. Rocky's training regimen in the fourth movie is no joke, and could just be the motivational tool you need to stand up to any daily challenge.

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