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Rite Aid Issues Apology After Denying Undocumented Immigrants Covid Vaccine

The pharmacy chain says that it has since invited the women back to receive their shots.

Justin Chan

Krispy Kreme Is Ready to Give You a Free Daily Doughnut for the Rest of the Year -- But Only If You've Been Vaccinated

The doughnut company announced the offer today as part of its effort to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.

Justin Chan

AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine 100% Effective Against Hospitalizations and Deaths, Per Final-Stage U.S. Testing

The UK-based pharmaceutical maker's two-shot solution appears to be even more efficacious against symptomatic infection than Johnson & Johnson's one-dose injection.

Kenny Herzog

Vaccinated People Can Socialize With Each Other Indoors Without Masks or Distancing, Says CDC

It is safe in small groups, and the CDC says vaccinated people should still wear masks in public.

Pfizer and BioNTech Are Testing a Third Booster Shot to Bolster Its Covid-19 Vaccine Against New Variants

The companies plan to offer booster shots to those who participated in their initial clinical trial.

Andrea Michelson

FDA Says Johnson & Johnson's One-Dose Vaccine Is Safe and Effective

US regulators just released detailed data on Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine.

Andrew Dunn

Lyft Makes It Easier to Get Friends and Family Members to Vaccinations

Order and pay for trips for loved ones with just a few taps.

Stephanie Mlot

Uber and Walgreens Team Up for Free Rides to COVID-19 Vaccinations

A new educational program also aims to address vaccine hesitancy.

Stephanie Mlot

Mandatory Covid Vaccines? Employers Consider Their Options.

Companies are looking to existing laws and federal guidelines to inform their decisions. 

Alex Vuocolo

Google Turns Office Buildings Into Covid-19 Vaccination Sites

The company also pledged more than $150 million to promote vaccine education and equitable distribution.

Stephanie Mlot

Amazon Offers to Help President Biden With Covid-19 Vaccinations

In return, Amazon wants its essential employees to receive the vaccine 'at the earliest appropriate time.'

Stephanie Mlot

Washington State Recruits Starbucks to Help With Its Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

Several Starbucks staff will work full-time on the rollout, choosing and designing vaccination sites.