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FDA Authorizes Pfizer Vaccine Against COVID-19 in United States

This Friday the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the coronavirus vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Bill Gates Predicts When the Pandemic Will End

So far, the magnate's forecasts have been accurate, so his statement would mean that we could soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

FDA Director: The Agency Expects to Approve Pfizer's Vaccine After Today's Crucial Hearing

After the panel's vote, Commissioner Stephen Hahn said, the FDA plans to "act quickly."

The United Kingdom recommends not applying the Pfizer vaccine in severe allergies

After a reaction in two vaccinated patients who had anaphylaxis, they warned to avoid the Pfizer vaccine for people who have severe allergies in order to prevent adverse effects.

A 90-Year-Old British Grandma Is the First Person In the West to Receive a Covid-19 Vaccine Outside Clinical Trials

Last week, the UK became the first Western nation to approve the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

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Moderna Vaccine Guarantees Up to Three Months of Immunity to Covid-19, According to a Study

Although more research is still missing, scientists say that a longer duration of protection against the coronavirus is indisputable, in the same way this vaccine did not cause serious side effects in the testing phases.

Putin Orders Start of 'Massive' Covid Vaccination Rollout

The Russian President has asked the government to initiate a "large-scale" vaccination by the end of next week, starting with doctors and teachers.

UK Approves Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

The United Kingdom is ahead of the United States and the European Union in giving the first official endorsement of a SARSCov2 vaccine.

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In the Next Few Days, Pfizer Could Start Mass Vaccination in England

As of December 7, a massive vaccination period could begin in England; the first to receive vaccines will be health care workers.

Moderna Designed a Covid-19 Vaccine in Just Two Days Thanks to mRNA Technology

If the pharmaceutical company is successful, we would be facing something greater than immunity to the coronavirus: the possibility of programming cells at will.

Pfizer has already asked the Ministry of Health for authorization to distribute its vaccine in Mexico, confirmed Marcelo Ebrad

If the application is approved, the Pfizer vaccine could be applied to 17 million Mexicans during the next month of January.