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The Mouse That Roared

The <i>true</i> state of small business

This story appears in the September 1996 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Once upon a time, in a kingdom called American , there lived three . One animal, the elephant, had ruled the kingdom for many years, using its mighty size to intimidate the citizens of the land into submission. However, when a nasty drought plagued the kingdom, the elephant became considerably weakened and was forced to give up the throne.

To determine who would inherit the kingdom, the citizens set up a race between the two remaining animals: the gazelle and the . The citizens showed up at the race to cheer on the mouse, who had become a familiar sight around town, always willing to help others in times of crisis. But when the gazelle, a newcomer to the kingdom, showed up at the starting gates, the citizens were awed by its beauty and dazzling speed.

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