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Eye-Catching Ads

6 Ways to create ads that will get your customers' attention . . .and their business.

This story appears in the November 1996 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

As competition within the retail and service industries grows stronger daily, each small business must actively motivate consumers, thus bringing in more business. Advertising is crucial in attracting clients, but assistance from a full-service advertising agency can often be expensive.

Many business owners design their own print ads, since they are a popular and less costly form of advertising. Although some still rely on classified department staffs to design the ads, the minimal cost associated with advertising in smaller publications is often reflected in the quality of the ads. Ads may look easy to produce, but unless the creator has training in marketing, they are likely to be ineffective. Following are six valuable tricks of the advertising trade that will help you design professional-quality ads that will get noticed and attract customers:

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