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Laughing All The Way

Have the last laugh

This story appears in the August 1999 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

Rule number one of any speech or pitch is to make a little joke--a humorous little anecdote, if you will--to break the ice. Then launch into your, ahem, more serious subject matter.

Or if you're like Woody Thompson and Tad Low, skip the serious stuff altogether and just keep the laughs coming. Renowned for creating cable channel VH1's infectious Pop-Up Video concept, Thompson and Low have parlayed their first success into a veritable franchise with a spin-off game show, called Pop-Up Quiz, a calendar and the book Pop This: A Behind The Scenes Look at the Best of Pop-Up Videos (Pocket Books, $18, 800-223-2348). Not content to stop there, the partners and owners of Spin the Bottle Inc., their New York City entertainment and new media company, are developing new show ideas and a digital cable channel.

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