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LinkedIn's App Just Got More Useful

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Today, LinkedIn revamped its mobile app in an effort to make it easier for users to connect.

Now, when you view someone's profile on Android iOS or the mobile website, LinkedIn will highlight connections and interests that you both share, as well as groups you have both joined. The aim is to facilitate conversation between individuals who are not yet connected, essentially by suggesting potential topics of discussion.

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"What if, minutes before you met me for the first time, someone whispered in your ear and reminded you not only where I work (LinkedIn) and what I do (product management), but also who we both know in common, whether we overlapped any years in school, or if we worked at the same company?" Charlton Soesanto, a mobile product manager at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post. "If you knew what we had in common or any of my interests (say biking or Latin poetry), chances are that we'll probably have a pretty great first conversation."

In addition to providing ice-breakers, the redesign adds more contextual information to one of the company's most popular features i.e. the "Who's viewed your profile" page. According to Mashable, when someone looks at your profile, the mobile app will let you know how he or she found you (did you show up in a search, did they find you through a mutual connection or do they check you out because you checked them out first?).

For now, these features are only available on Android, iOS, and iPad apps, as well as through LinkedIn's mobile site.

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