The Secret to Successful Goal-Setting (And Having Your Best Year Ever)

New York Times Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Coach
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This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

If you haven’t gotten pumped about next year yet, today’s episode of  The School of Greatness is going to change that.

I am a BIG believer in goals.

And if you’ve been listening to the podcast lately, you know I’ve been on a goal-setting kick (and talking about it).

So I wanted to interview an expert on goals and how to best achieve them.

There’s no better person than today’s guest, Michael Hyatt.

I met Michael a few years back at an Inc. mastermind and have been following him ever since.

Not only is he one of the nicest, most graceful and open-hearted guys I know, he is an extremely successful blogger and coach who has a massive following (and at least one NYT best-seller).

What I really loved about our interview, however, was when we started talking about the why behind our goals.

Michael was gracious enough to open up about his own struggles with finding the right balance between drive and happiness. We discuss his marriage, his difficult upbringing, and how he is still learning to balance success with family life.

Whether you’re a seasoned goal-setter or a novice who has only failed up til now, Episode 113 is made for you.

Join Michael Hyatt and I in learning the secrets behind what makes a goal into a reality and how you can set up 2015 to be your best year ever.

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In This Episode, You Will Discover:

  • The important role of truth-tellers in our lives to keep us in balance (usually the people closest to us)
  • The story of how he sent his wife to therapy when he was the one who needed to change (and did)
  • The effect of his alcoholic father on his own aspirations for success
  • Why you need to complete the past before starting on new goals
  • How to connect each of your goals to your why
  • Derek Sivers’ TED talk about goals
  • We can only really manage 7 – 10 goals at a time – so don’t set more until you achieve some
  • When we set a goal, it means that the status quo is no longer acceptable
  • The most important ingredient for achieving goals is to write it down
  • Plus much more…

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