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Twitter and Foursquare Team Up to Let You Tag Your Location in Tweets


Social media junkies, rejoice. Twitter is teaming up with Foursquare to allow users to include locations in tweets. The is now available for, and the iOS and Android apps.

Twitter | Foursquare

If you aren't super inclined to share where you're having your after work happy hour, fear not -- the new feature isn't automatically enabled. Once it is set up, users can simply click on the little location marker in the compose box to see a dropdown menu. 

On the site's Help Center, Twitter does have a security disclaimer -- "It is important to note that deleting location information on Twitter does not guarantee the information will be removed from all copies of the data on third-party applications or in external search results."

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In addition to the city or town, users can also include a neighborhood. If they are tweeting with one of the apps, the tweets will also show specific coordinates. Depending on where they are, users can also choose additional identifiers like landmarks or a particular venue that are powered by Foursquare.

Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley explained the thought process behind the new partnership in a post on Medium, the blogging platform created by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone

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The six-year-old company describes itself as "your ultimate city guide," positioning itself as the ideal place to get recommendations for everything from restaurants to shopping. Foursquare released an app called Swarm last summer that spun off Foursquare's check-in function into its own social entity. Between the two platforms, Crowley said that they are serving more than 50 million users each month.

Crowley wrote of the company's M.O., "The big idea was never 'build the world’s best check-in button.' The big idea was to create a system that could crawl the world with people in the same way crawls web pages with machines. To then put all of what we’ve learned to use in helping people find the best and most interesting experiences in the real world." 

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Though he did note that 7 billion user check-ins "have taught us about more than 65,000,000 places that exist in the world. The 250,000,000 photos and 70,000,000 tips you’ve left have shown us what’s great inside those places. The 90,000,000 'tastes' you’ve added to your profiles have taught us about the things you want us to help you find."

It would seem that Foursquare's extensive and developer-friendly "crowd-sourced place database" and the information they have collected since 2009, is just as appealing to Twitter as it has been to Microsoft, Samsung and , who all work with the company.

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