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The Giant Marketing Opportunity You're Missing

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As the attention span of your target customer shrinks, it becomes increasingly difficult to get your message to them. Even if they happen to visit your site, they may not stay for long. A poorly designed homepage could end your relationship on the spot -- which is why this one marketing trick can make all the difference. You can quickly create a behavior flow on your site that leads viewers right to your brand story, just by adding a prominent link to your "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

In my consulting work with businesses of all sizes, this trick never fails. You may have thought the FAQ page was just for customer-service departments, consumer products or ecommerce stores. And while it definitely can be, it can also serve as a simple way to direct visitors directly to selling points you want to highlight for them.

The FAQ link is like a big red flashing light that says click me. Why? It's like a cheat sheet for the consumer or potential client. Putting the FAQ link in your main navigation -- or clearly linked somewhere on the homepage -- nudges them toward the story you want to tell, no matter your product or services.

Here are a few tips to make sure your FAQ page is ready for all that new traffic:

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Go beyond answering questions

Most brands see the FAQ page as a place to answer questions but instead think of it as a place to start your conversation, make your points and expand on your mission.


For example, a recent client had a question on her page that read "Which product has the lowest number of calories?" My client is a former engineer-turned-entrepreneur. She's not a marketer, so she answered plainly: "The watermelon flavor is only 34 calories." She definitely missed an opportunity to tell her brand story. Instead, she could have said: "One of the great things about our products is that all of the flavors have barely any added sugars and NO fillers! Every flavor is much lower in calories than almost ANY other dessert in the marketplace today. To answer your question, the watermelon flavor is only 34 calories.

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Answer the questions you WANT people to ask

Yes, you need to actually answer things that are frequently asked and should be completely honestly. After that, you can also add questions that help sell your selling points or repeat your main brand position. Add questions that allow you to write out what makes you different than your competitors. Add anything you think you can answer that will take them from a maybe to a yes. Also carefully consider the order in which you list the questions. Decide which questions will grab their attention first, which ones will keep them on the page and which ones are the best opportunities to tell a story.


Lead them to other pages on your site

Linking to other pages within your answers is not only good for SEO, it keeps them on your site longer. Use phrasing in your answers that will guide them to product purchases specific to their needs or keep them engaged in your story.

For example, you could add the question "Do you have any testimonials?" and answer "Why yes, we love our clients and we are grateful that they love us too! Read what they have said here" and link the word "here" to your testimonials page.


Demonstrate that you are the leader or expert

This may be more applicable to consultants and writers, but the FAQ page is a place where you can write detailed information about your industry, while also positioning yourself as an expert. Consider starting at the very beginning, explaining the ins and outs of your entire industry and why your product is the best on the market. You can link to blog posts that show your vast knowledge of your space or any awards you, or your company has received.

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